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A1 Paranormal Interest Team

A Frame of Mind Paranormal (AFMP)

A.I.P.R.I. Amelia Island Paranormal Research and Investigations

A.R.A.P. Actions Recherches Activités Paranormales (Canada)

A Paranormal Group Erie County Pennsylvania (APG/ECP)

A Paranormal Organization in Australia

Abnormal Celestial Researchers

Adena Paranormal Investigators


Afterlife Independent Paranormal Investigation

Afterlife Investigations of Ky

After Midnight Paranormal Investigations (AMPI)

Afterlife Paranormal of the Carolinas (A.P.I.C.)

Afterlife Paranormal Researchers of New Jersey (A.P.R.N.J.)

Alabama Ghost Investigation Society (AGIS)

Alabama Paranormal Research Team

Alabama Paranormal Society

Alameda Paranormal Researchers (A.P.R.)

Alcatraz Ghost Hunters (AGH)

Alison Baughman

All Things Paranormal (ATP)

Alliance for Unveiling and Researching Anomalies (AURA)

Allied Paranormal Investigation Society (A.P.I.S.)

Altamont Paranormal

Altered State Paranormal

Amanda Menville†

Amber McElfresh

American Paranormal Group

America’s Ghosts

Antelope Valley Haunts Paranormal Research

Apex Paranormal

Appalachee Paranormal

Appalachian Paranormal Explorations (APEX)

Apparitions Paranormal Research Team

Appleton Paranormal Investigations

ARCS Paranormal Research

Arizona’s Haunted Ghosts and Hauntings

Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society

Arkansas Ghost Hunter Team

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations (API)

Asheville Parnormal Society (A.P.S.)†

Association for the Scientific Paranormal Investigation and Research of Erie (A.S.P.I.R.E.)

A-Team Paranormal Investigations (API)

Atlantic Coast Paranormal Research Society

Austin Ghost Seekers

Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigations (APPI)

Awaken New Hampshire Spirits

Aware Foundation for Paranormal Research

Aylesbury Vale Paranormal (UK)

Azusa Paranormal Research Society

Backwoodz Paranormal

Bay City, MI Ghost Hunters (BCMGH)

Baker and Snodderly Paranormal Investigations (BSPI)

Bayside Paranormal Society

Bearfort Paranormal

Beachside Paranormal

Becky of The Ghost Hunnies

Believing Revealing Understanding The After Life (B.R.U.T.A.L.)

Bell County Paranormal Society

Bellview Paranormal Society

Bellewood Paranormal

Berkshire and Hampshire Ghost Hunting Investigators (UK)

Berkshire Paranormal Group

Beyond the Grave Paranormal

Beyond the Veil Paranormal

Beyond Life Paranormal and Urban Explorers

Beyond Paranormal Investigations

Bishop James Long

Blackswamp Paranormail Research Society

Black Raven Paranormal

Black Wolf Paranormal

Bloodhound Paranormal Society (B.P.S.)

Bloomington Normal Paranormal

Blount County Paranormal

Bluegrass Ghost Chasers

Bluegrass Paranormal Research Society (BPRS)

Bluegrass Paranormal Investigators

Blue Ridge Paranormal

Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations

Boo-Bitch Paranormal Society

BoOSSociety, Believers of Oregon Spirit Society

Borderland Paranormal Investigators

B.O.R.E. (beyond our realm explorers)

Brenda Lyons and Travis Lucero

Brian Leffler of Shadow Talk Radio

Broken Angel Films

Brooke County Paranormal (B.C.)

Brownwood Paranormal Society

Buffalo Area Research Society (B.A.R.S.)

Burbank Paranormal Research

C-Bus Paranormal

Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators (C.C.P.I.)

California Area Paranormal Society

Celestial Spirit Investigators (C.S.I.)

California Ghost Chasers (CGC)

California Haunted Investigations Paranormal Society (C.H.I.P.S)

California Haunts

California Paranormal Private Investigations (CPPI)

California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research (CSPAR)

Cambridgeshire Ghost Research – UK

Cambridge Paranormal Investigators (Canada)

Cameron Cowen

Campbellsville Advanced Paranormal Services (C.A.P.S.)

Candlelight Paranormal

Canyon State Paranormal Investigators

Cape Girardeau Paranormal Research (C.G.P.R.)

Caribbean Paranormal Society (C.P.S.)

Carolina Paranormal Investigations (C.P.I.)

Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation Inc (CSPRI Inc)

Carroll Area Paranormal Team

Carver Paranormal


Catawba County Paranormal Investgators (C.C.P.I.)

Catskill Paranormal

Cemetary Hill Paranormal Research Team

Cenla Paranormal Research

Center Coast Paranormal Investigators

Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Research (C.A.P.R.)

CenTex Ghost Hunters (C.T.G.H.)

Central Arkansas Paranormal Society (C.A.P.S)

Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters

Central Illinois Paranormal Association

Central Indiana Paranormal

Central Kentucky Paranormal Research Society

Central Michigan Paranormal Investigations

Central Mississippi Paranormal Society

Central MN Ghost Hunters

Central Jersey Paranormal Research Group

Central Ohio Ghost Squad (C.O.G.S.)

Central Texas Paranormal Detectives

Champlain Valley Ghost Hunters (CVGH)

Chandler Paranormal Research (C.P.R.)

Channel Islands Ghost Trackers

Charm City Paranormal Society

Chattanooga Paranormal

Chesterfield Paranormal Research

Chicago Ghost Hunters Group

Chicagoland’s Objective Paranormal Society (C.O.P.S.)

Chichester Paranormal Investigation Society (C.P.I.S.)

Chichester Paranormal Investigator (C.P.I.)

Chickasha Paranormal Research Society

Chill Seekers

Christoph Sanders

Chuck’s Paranormal Adventures

Cincinnati Paranormal Research

Cincinnati Regional Association for Paranormal Studies (C.R.A.P.S.)

Cincinnati Researchers of Extra Extraordinary Phenomenon (C.R.E.E.P.)

Claranormal (Claremont Paranormal)

Clark Paranormal Investigations (C.P.I.)

Clear Analysis of Paranormal Activity (C.A.P.A.)

Cleveland Paranormal Research Society (CPRS) – TN

Cleveland Paranormal Research Society (CPRS) – OH

Clinton County Paranormal Research

CNY Spirit Hunters

Coldspot Paranormal

Colorado Organization of Paranormal Studies

Colorado Para-Tech

Colorado’s Unexplained Investigators

Commonwealth Paranormal

Conesus Lake Paranormal Investigations

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

Connecticut Paranormal Research Team

Cornerstone Paranormal

Cressona Paranormal

Critter Creek Paranormal

Crocker’s Optimistic Paranormal Society (C.O.P.S.)

Crooked River Paranormal Team

Crossing Over Paranormal Society (C.O.P.S.)

Crossroads Paranormal

Crossroads Paranormal Research Society

Cross the Line Paranormal (CLP)

Crystal Palace Ghost Hunters

CSRA Paranormal

CT Paranormal Encounters And Research (C.P.E.A.R.)

Cumberland Perry Paranormal

Dallas Area Paranormal Society

Daniel Johnson

Daniel’s Huntings / Ghosts of the Coast

Dark Alley Paranormal Investigators

Dark Days Paranormal

Darkness Paranormal

Dark Shadows Paranormal Group

Dark Specter Paranormal Research

David Giacomazza

Dawn M. Orren

Deadtime Divas

Deadtime: Paranatural Investigators (DPI)

Dead Serious Paranormal

Deep South Paranormal Investigators

Delaware County Paranormal Investigators (D.C.P.I.)

Delaware County Paranormal Research

Delaware County Paranormal Research Society (D.C.P.R.S)

Delta Paranormal Society (D.P.S.)

Derby Paranormal Investigators (DPI) – England

Desmoines Paranormal

Detroit Area Paranormal Society (D.A.P.S.)

DH2 of Demon Hunters Paranormal Investigation Team

Did You See That (D.Y.S.T)

Dirty South Ghost Hunters

Distant Voices Paranormal

DOA Paranormal

Donn Shy and

Dougherty County Paranormal Investigators (D.C.P.I.)

Dover Paranormal Research Team

DragonStar Paranormal

Druid City Paranormal

Dudley Paranormal Society (D.P.S)

Dusk Till Dawn Paranormal Investigators

Dust and Shadows

Duval Investigating Entities Directly (D.I.E.D.)

E&D Valley Paranormal (E.D.V.P)


Earth Bound Entities Paranormal Researchers

East Coast GhostHunters Club (E.C.G.C)

East Coast League Investigating Paranormal Sightings and Experiences (E.C.L.I.P.S.E.)

East Coast Paranormal of Wilmington NC

East Coast Research and Investigation Paranormal Team (ECRIPT)

East Georgia Paranormal

East Kentucky Paranormal


East Side Paranormal Society

East Sussex Paranormal

East TN Ghost Seekers (ETGS)

East TN Paranormal Research Society (ETPRS)

East to West Paranormal

East Valley Paranormal Society (E.V.P.S.)

Eastern Paranormal Research (E.P.R.)

Eastern Paranormal Society

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Alliance (E.P.P.A.)

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (EPPS)

Eastern State Paranormal Research Society (E.S.P.R.S.)

ECHO 1 Paranormal

Echo Paranormal Investigation Council (E.P.I.C.) – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ectoweb’s Karen Mossey and Mike Sullivan

Eerie Paranormal

Eerie Voices Paranormal Society

Effigy Paranormal

Elena Vincent

Elgin Voices of the Paranormal Society (EVPS)

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City

Elite Vegas Paranormal Society (E.V.P.S.)†

Elko Paranormal Association

Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts

Empire State Paranormal

Empirical Paranormal

Encuentros con Fantasmas

Enigma Paranormal

Entity Hunters

Episcopal Diocese of Saint James

Erie County Paranormal

EsoterikÛs Paranormal Research Team

ESP Investigations (Scotland, UK)

Estate Validation of the Paranormal

Eureka Springs Paranormal (E.S.P.)

Evidence and Surveillance Providers Paranormal Investigation (ESPinvestigation)

E.V.P. (East Valley Paranormal) of Southern California

Explaining The Unexplained

Eyes of the Paranormal

Fairfield Paranormal

Fairfield Paranormal Society

Fairless Hills Paranormal Group

Family Haunts

FANTASMAS Paranormal Research Team

F A P I – Fredericksburg Area Paranormal Investigations

Federal Ghost Investigations

Final Hour Paranormal

Fire Storm Paranormal Investigations (F.S.P.I)

First Coast Paranormal Research

Flatline Paranormal Society

Florida Ghost Chasers (FGC)

Florida Investigations of the Paranormal (FLIP)

Flood City Paranormal

Florida Paranormal Society (F.L.A.P.S.)

Fog City Paranormal Investigations

Four Mile Paranormal

Four River Paranormal Society

Four State Paranormal

Four State Paranormal Society

Fox Valley Ghost Hunters

Frances Marie Brown of

Frank Caringella and Fran of Ghost Sightings and the Paranormal Research Group of Southern California

Friends of Dusana (F.O.D.)

Friends United Paranormal Investigation (F.U.P.I)

Fringe Paranormal Investigations

Fris Paranormal Investigations

Full Moon Explorations

Full Spectrum Paranormal Of Northern Kentucky

Fulton County Paranormal Investigations (F.C.P.I)

G.A.L.S. Paranormal

G.L.O.W.S. Paranormal of Breckinridge County

Gallatin Paranormal Research (G.P.R.)

Gatekeeper Paranormal

Gathering Research and Stories of Paranormal Phenomena

Georgia Ghost Hunters

Georgia Paranormal Society

German Paracrew

GGUK2004 based in Derbyshire, UK (Joanne Brown)


Ghost Anomaly Research Project, LLC (G.A.R.P.)

Ghost Chasers of Michigan (G.C.O.M.)

Ghost Chasers Of Pittsburgh (G.C.O.P.)

Ghost Cops of Northern Kentucky (G.CON)

Ghost Fiends of Las Vegas, NV

Ghost Girl Investigations (GGI)

Ghost Hunters Northwest

Ghost Hunters of Colorado (GHC)

Ghost Hunters of El Centro (E.C.P.I.)

Ghost Hunters of Science & Technology (G.H.O.S.T) of Pinellas

Ghost Hunters of Scientific Theory (G.H.O.S.T.)

Ghost Hunters Of South Tampa (G.H.O.S.T.)

Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (G.H.O.S.T.)

Ghost Hunters of Southern Tennessee G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal

Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier (G.H.O.S.T.)

Ghost Hunters of Southwest Tennessee (G.H.O.S.T.)

Ghost Hunters of the Northern South

Ghost Hunters of the Two VA’s

Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues (G.H.O.U.L.)

Ghost Hunters of Urban Louisiana (GHOUL)

Ghost Hunters Of† Connecticut

Ghost Hunters to Help Save a Life

Ghost Inc

Ghost Investigation Unit

Ghost Investigations (PGI)

Ghost Investigators New York (G.I.N.Y)

GhostLand Society Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Paranormal Services

Ghost PI Jen

Ghost Posse of Reno, NV

Ghost Research And Verification (G.R.A.V.E)

Ghost Research International

Ghost Rider Investigations

Ghost Seekers

Ghostseekers Australia

Ghost Sighting Investigator

Ghost Trackers of Tennessee

Ghost Trackers Paranormal Research Group

Ghostly Encounters of Georgia Research and Investigation Team

Ghostfinder Paranormal Society

Ghosthunter Explorer Team (Germany)

Ghosthunter Germany (Germany)


Ghostly True Paranormal Research Society

Ghosts of Arizona

Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigators, SE Georgia

Gian Temperilli

Global Paranormal Services

Glory Haunt Hounds

Golden State Paranormal Research

Grace of Providence Paranormal Society

Graeme Baxter of Scottish Paranormal in Scotland

Graniteville Paranormal Society

Grave and Ghost Hunter (G.S.I.)

Grayson Paranormal Society (G.P.S.)

Great Lakes Area Spirit Society (G.L.A.S.S.)

Greater Atlanta Paranormal Society (G.A.P.S.)

Greater Maryland Paranormal Society (GMPS)

Greater Texas Paranormal Society

Green Paranormal Society (G.P.S.)

Greenbrier Paranormal Society (G.P.S.)

GT Paranormal

Gulf Coast Ghost and the Paranormal Investigators Group

Gwinnett Paranormal Society

H&H Paranormal

Hampton Roads Paranormal Research Group

Harbor Area Paranormal


Haunted Central Ohio

Haunted Experiences and Paranormal Studies (H.E.A.P.S.)

Haunted Hunters

Haunted Ionia Ghost Hunters Huntington Indian Ghost Hunters (H.I.G.H)

Haunted Kentucky Society

Haunted Ottawa

Haunted Texas Paranormal

Haw River Paranormal Society (H.A.W.S.)

Hawk Paranormal Investigations

Hawkeye State Paranormal

Hawthorne Paranormal Society

Hays Paranormal Society

Hazleton Paranormal Society

Heart Of Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (HOPPS)

Hell Awaits Paranormal Investigations

Heritage Paranormal Society (H.P.S.)

High Country Paranormal

Hill Side Investigators

Hillsboro Ohio Paranormal Encounters (H.O.P.E.)

Historic Indiana Paranormal Society

Hogtown Ghost Trackers

Hollows Follow

Holmes-Yates Paranormal Explorers (HYPE)

Hoosier Paranormal Research

Hopkins County Paranormal Society

Horizon Paranormal Research Team of New York

Houston Ghost Towns Paranormal Investigators

Houston Society of Paranormal Exploration

Humboldt Area Paranormal Society

Hunters of the Unknown


Huntsville Organization of Paranormal Exploration

Idaho Springs Ghost Hunters (I.S.G.H.)

Illinois Ghost Seekers Society (I.G.S.S.)

Illinois Paranormal Research Group (IPRG)

Illinois Paranormal Researchers (I.P.R)

Indiana Ghost Doctors

Indiana Ghost O.P.S.

Independent Ghost Hunters Society

Independent Paranormal Study Unit

Indiscreet Chasers of Unrevealed (I.C.U.) Ghost

Indy 24/7 Paranormal

Indy Midwest Paranormal Society (IMPS)

International Community For Paranormal Investigation & Research (I.C.P.I.R.)

International Paranormal Reporting Group

Interstate Paranormal

Interstate Paranormal Investigations

Into The Afterlife Paranormal

Into the Night Paranormal (I.T.N.P.)

Island Ghost Investigation


Investigations of the Paranormal (H.I.P.)

Investigative Paranormal Research Network

Iron Gate Paranormal


J And M Paranormal

JABA Paranormal Investigations

Jackson Purchase Paranormal Investigations

Jacksonvilles Researchers Investigating the Paranormal (RIP TEAM)

JAM Paranormal

Janice Oberding – Paranormal Author

Jason “Ruffhouse” Hays – Parahub Radio Host

Jerri Hunter

Jersey Shore Paranormal Research

Joel Vail

John Fogarty – Author “The Haunt” (Warner Books)

John Gossett of L.L.M.S.W.

John Robertson “Ghstlvr”

Johnson County Paranormal Research Team (J.C.P.R.T.)

Johnston County Ghost Hunters

Jonas AKA Forever Haunted

Jonny G’s Paranormal Investigations

Joplin Paranormal Research Society (J.P.R.S.)

Jordan Creek Paranormal

Jose Mendez

Journey Paranormal Society ô

Juan C. Tapia

Jules Paranormal Tour UK

Kansas City Paranormal Investigations

Kansas City Paranormal

Kansas Unexplained Phenomena Research Society (KUPRS)

Keith Spencer

Kenosha Paranormal

Kentucky Appalachian Paranormal Society (K.A.P.S.)

Kentucky Apparition Chasers

Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000

Kentucky Ghost Scouts

Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society

Kentucky Operations of Paranormal Studies (K.O.P.S.)

Kentucky Paranormal Investigators

Kentucky Shadow Chasers

Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana Paranormal Investigations K.O.I Paranormal Investigations

Kevil Area Paranormal Investigators (K.A.P.I.)

Kinsman Ohio Paranormal Society (KOPS)

Kentucky Paranormal Investigation Group (K.P.I.G.)

Kentucky Paranormal Investigations

Kirtland Paranormal Research Society (K.P.R.S.)

KRZ Paranormal

KTLK-FM’s DarknessRadio David Schrader

Ladies of the Night

Lake Erie Paranormal

Lake Erie Area Paranormal Society

Lake Isabella Paranormal Society

Lakewood Area Paranormal Society (L.A.P.S.)

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations (L.V.P.I.)

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad (LV. P.I.M.P.S.)

Lawrence County Ghost Hunters

Lawrenceburg Paranormal Trackers (L.P.T)

Layton Investigation Ghost Hunting Team (L.I.G.H.T.)

Leader Research (Marcus)

League of Paranormal Investigators (LPI-International)

Legacy Paranormal Research Society (L.P.R.S.)

Lehigh Valley Organization of Supernatural Studies (LVOSS)

Letcher Paranormal Investigations

Lexington Investigative Ghost Hunting Troop (L.I.G.H.T.)

LIGHT Paranormal Research

Lisa – Founder of (N.S.S.P.R.)

Lisa Gourley

L.I.S.I.T. – Long Island Spirit Investigators Team

Lone Star State Paranormal Society (L.S.S.P.S.)

Long Island Paranormal Research and Investigations (LIPRI)

Los Angeles Specialized Paranormal Response Investigative Team (LA Spirit)

Los Angeles Paranormal Association

Lost Souls Paranormal

Loudoun County Paranormal Group

Louise Bolger

LSC Paranormal Society

Lubbock Paranormal Investigation Society (L.P.I.S.)

Luisanna Sotelo and Endy Daly (L.E.D.)

Luzerne County Ghost Hunters

M.E.S. Investigation

Macomb County Michigan Scientific Paranormal Investigators (M.C.M.S.P.I.)

Magic City Paranormal Studies

Mahoning Valley Paranormal Society

Main Line Paranormal Investigators

Maine Supernatural

Manchester Paranormal Society

Margo Torres

Mariann of Paranormal Investigator

Marion Virginia Paranormal Investigations

Mark and Debby Constantino (

Marley Knockers

Mary Beth Haggitt of the Zak Pak

Marter Paranormal Research Team

Maryland Ghost Trackers

McGee Paranormal

McLean Paranormal Investigators

McLennan County Paranormal Investigations

McRae Paranormal Consultants

Megan Rose – Founder of Bay State Paranormal

Melbourne Paranormal Investigations

Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society (M.O.P.R.S.)

Merced County Paranormal Investigators (M.C.P.I.)

Metcalfe County Paranormal Investigations (M.C.P.I.)

Mercy’s Edge Society. (M.E.C)

Michael P. White

Michigan Bay Paranormal Team (MBPT)

Michigan Paranormal Alliance

Michigan Paranormal Group

Michigan Paranormal Investigative Team† (M.P.I.T.)

Mickey Burrow Paranormal Investigations

Mick’s Ghosts

Middle Georgia Ghost Hunters (MGGH)

Mid Vermont Paranormal (M.V.P.)

Mid-America Paranormal Investigations

Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigations (M.A.P.I.)

Middlesbrough Paranormal (UK)

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers

MidIowa Paranormal

Midnight Paranormal Society

MidNite Walkers Paranormal Research Society

Midstate Paranormal Investigations (M.P.I.)

Midway Paranormal Society

Midwest Ghost Society

Midwest Paranormal Investigations

Midwest Paranormal Investigators (MPI)

Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network (MPI Network)

Mike Gibson

Mile High Ghost Crew (M.H.G.C.)

Miley Paranormal

Minnesota’s Beyond the Veil

Minooka Paranormal Society

Mission Apparition

Mississippi Paranormal Society (MPS)

Missouri Paranormal

Miss Rossi

Momentum Paranormal Investigators

Montana Paranormal Guild (M.P.G.)

Moonlight Paranormal Society

Moonlit Ghost Hunts (M.L.G.H.)

Motor City Ghost Hunters

Mount Vernon Paranormal Society (MVPS)

Mr. Macabre & Lady Noticula – MrMacabre’s ParaGothic Occult Radio

M.S.P.I. Memphis

MTK Paranormal (Mike Erdos, Tim Lunsford and Kyle Wendling)

Mystic 19 of West Michigan

Mystic Mississippi Paranormal Society (M.M.P.S.)

Mystic Paranormal Research

Mystic Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters (M.P.G.H.)

Mystique Paranormal Research Society

Naps – Chattanooga Division

Nederlands Paranormal Research Team (Netherlands)

NEPA Paranormal

NEPA Paranormal Society


Nancy & James Helsel of Nevada Ghosts

Nevada Ghost Hunters

Nevada Investigative Ghost Hunting Team of Reno (N.I.G.H.T.) of Reno

Nevada Paranormal Investigators Group (N.P.I.G.)

Nevada Student Paranormal Investigation (N.S.P.I.)

New England Anomalies Research (N.E.A.R.)

New England Paranormal Video Research Group

New England Society of Paranormal Investigators, Inc (N.E.S.P.I.)

New Hampshire Paranormal

New Jersey Paranormal Investigation Team

New Jersey Paranormal Research

New Jersey Paranormal Research Organization (N.J.P.R.O.)

New Jersey Ruggiero Paranormal Group

New Lenox Paranormal

New Light Paranormal (NLP) Kentucky Chapter

New York Ghost Hunting Team (N.Y.G.H.T.)

New York X Paranormal Research Team (NYX)

Nexus Paranormal Investigations (N.P.I.)

Nickle City Paranormal Society

Nicole Amber Brandi September Paranormal Team (N.A.B.S.)

Night Dwellers Paranormal Research Society

NIGHT Paranormal

Night Quest Paranormal

Night Rangers Paranormal

Nightowl Ghost Hunters

NightQuest Paranormal†

N.i.g.h.t.s Paranormal Investigations


NightWatch Paranormal

Night Whispers Paranormal Research Investigations

Nixa Paranormal Research Society

NJ Weird Watch

NM paranormal society

Nocturnal Sciences and Paranormal Investigations (N.S.P.I.)

NOR CAL Paranormal Association

Norcross Paranormal

North America Ghost Hunters

North Central Paranormal (N.C.P.)

North Dallas Paranormal Society (N.D.P.S.)

North East Paranormal Associates

North Florida Paranormal Society

North Georgia Paranormal Group (N.G.P.G.)

North Jersey Paranormal Research (N.J.P.R.)

North Missouri Paranormal Research Society

North New Mexico Spirit Research

North Ohio Paranormal (N.O.P.)

North Orange county Paranormal Society (N.O.P.S.)

North Texas Paranormal Research Group

North Texas Paranormal Research Team (N.T.P.R.T.)

North TX Paranormal Trackers (N.T.P.T)

Northampton County Paranormal

NorthEast Spirit Investigations

Northeastern Paranormal Investigations (NEPI)

Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators (N.A.P.I)

Northern Illinois Paranormal Team ( N.I.P.T. )

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society

Northern KY Paranormal Group (N.KY.P.G.)

Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters (NNGH)

Northern Ontario Paranormal Investigations (N.O.P.I.)

Northernpanhandle Ghost Hunters

Northern Utah Paranormal Society (N.U.P.S.)

Northwest Arkansas Ghost Seekers

Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society ( N.W.C.P.S.)

Northwest Ohio Paranormal society

Northwest Paranormal Research Group

Norwalk, IA Paranormal Society (N.I.P.S.)

NO X-IT Paranormal


NWI Para-force

North West Paranormal Research

North West Paranormal & Occult Research

Nowata Paranormal Investigators

Nyack Paranormal Investigations

Oceanic Paranormal Society


Offthetrails Paranormal Investigations

OGPS Filming & Investigations (Canada)

Ohio Ghost Researchers (O.G.R.)

Ohio Paranormal Association

Ohio Paranormal Posse

Ohio Paranormal Research and Investigations (O.H.P.R.I.)

Ohio Paranormal Researchers

Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits (O.R.B.S.)

Ohio Truth Hunters

Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations (O.V.P.R.I.)

Ohio Valley Paranormal Society

Ohio Undead Society

Oh-MI Paranormal Research and Investigations

Okinawa Paranormal (Japan)

Okinawa Paranormal Files (Japan)

Old Dominion Ghost Hunters (O.D.G.H.)

Old Ghilchrist Jail Ghost Hunters

Old West Paranormal Society (O.W.P.S.)

Old West Ghost Investigations

Oldest City Paranormal

Omni Paranormal Society

Oneida County Paranormal Society

Onondaga Paranormal Society

Oxnard Paranormal Investigation Team (O.P.I.T.)

Orange County Paranormal

Orange County Paranormal Society

Orange Paranormal Group (O.P.G.)

Oregon Ghost Hunters

Oregon Paranormal

Orion Research & Investigation

Organisation Recherche Bien-Fondé Surnaturel – France

Orlando Paranormal Investigations

Ottawa County Paranormal

Outer Edge Paranormal (OEP)

Overmind Paranormal

Owen-Withee Paranormal Research Society (O.W.P.R.S.)

Pandemonium Paranormal – Canada

PCH Paranormal

P S I 2008

PA Department of Paranormal Investigations (PDPI)

P&C Paranormal

P.A.S.T. is Present Paranormal Investigations



P.S.I. of Oregon

Pacific Haunting Investigations

Pacific Ghost Hunting Society

Pacific Northwest Paranormal Research Society

Para Chick


Paradigm Paranormal

Paradigm Paranormal Investigators

ParaGhost InvestHunters

Paralore Group

ParaMedia Paranormal

Paranormal West


Paranormal Activity Research Alliance of Syracuse (PARACUSE)

Paranormal Activity Research Society

Paranormal Activity Search Team (P.A.S.T.)

Paranormal Afterlife Research Alliance (P.A.R.A.)

Paranormal Assignment Research Association

Paranormal Chasers United (PCU)

Paranormal Chasers Of Central Florida

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey

Paranormal Detection of Nashville

Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounter WI

Paranormal Events Hawaii

Paranormal Events Research & Investigative

Paranormal Experiences and Activities (P.E.A.)

Paranormal F.L.I.G.H.T.

Paranormal Ghost Hunters Extreme

Paranormal Investigation & Research (P.I.R.) of Germany

Paranormal Ghost Investigations Holland (PGIH)

Paranormal Investigation Scientific Research Society (PISRS)

Paranormal Investigation Society of Central Alabama (PISCA)

Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T.)

Paranormal Investigation Teams (UT, AZ, CA, NV)

Paranormal Investigation Team Of Nevada ( P.I.T.O.N.)

Paranormal Investigations (P.I.)

Paranormal Investigations – Stow Park Investigations – England

Paranormal Investigations and Research NW

Paranormal Investigations Made Possible (PIMP)

Paranormal Investigations Research and Experimentation (P.I.R.E.)

Paranormal Investigative Education & Research (P.I.E.R.)

Paranormal Investigative Service Team (P.I.S.T.)

Paranormal Investigators and Research Council of Michigan (PIRCOM)

Paranormal Investigators and Researchers of Kentucky (PIRK)

Paranormal Investigators Association of WNY (PIAofWNY)

Paranormal Investigators’ Matt and Penny Moran

Paranormal Investigators of California Los Angeles (PIOCLA)

Paranormal Investigators of Central Texas (P.I.C.T.)

Paranormal Investigators of New York (P.I.N.Y.)

Paranormal Investigators of the Poconos

Paranormal Investigators Of SouthEastern Ohio (PISO)

Paranormal Investigators of Southwest Missouri (P.I.O.S.)


Paranormal Nights

Paranormal Observers of East Texas (P.O.E.T.)

Paranormal Outcast Investigations (P.O.I.)

Paranormal Ravine Investigative Society (PRIS)

Paranormal’s Raw Truth

Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland

Paranormal Research of Michigan

Paranormal Research Ohio Valley Endeavor

Paranormal Research Group of Utah – PRG of Utah

Paranormal Research Society of Lowestoft

Paranormal Research Team Niedersachsen (PRT Niedersachsen)

Paranormal Researchers in Southeast Michigan (P.R.I.S.M.)

Paranormal Researchers of AL

Paranormal Researchers Of The South East (P.R.O.S.E.)

Paranormal Research Organization of Fresno (PROOF)

Paranormal Researchers Out Of Frankfort (P.R.O.O.F.)

Paranormal SAAR

Paranormal Scene Investigators (P.S.I)

Paranormal Scene Investigators†

Paranormal Science & Investigations

Paranormal Scientific Investigations of Montana (P.S.I.)

Paranormal Seekers Of Iowa (P.S.I)

Paranormal Spirithunters of the Carolinas

Paranormal Studies and Investigations of Oregon

Paranormal Seekers of North Texas

Paranormal Shift

Paranormal Society of Indiana (P.S.I)

Paranormal Society Investigators

Paranormal Studies of Arkansas

Paranormal Study and Investigation (P.S.I.)

Paranormal (Supernatural Phenomena Independent Research Investigation Team) – S.P.I.R.I.T.

Paranormal Supernatural Watchers and Trackers (S.W.A.T.)

Paranormal Tendencies

Paranormal X

Paranormal, Happenings, Evidence and Research (PHEAR)

Paranormalists of South Texas (P.O.S.T.)

Para-Scientific Discovery

Parker Paranormal

Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society

Pastor G.P. Haggart

P.A.S.T of Kentucky

Past Life Investigations

Past Life Paranormal Society


Patches and Sonny of Branson Paranormal Research Society

Paul aka ghostwatcher

Paulding Paranormal Society

Peach State Paranormal Investigations (PSPI)

Peach State Paranormal Society

Peninsula Ghost Hunters Society

Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association

Pennsylvania Paranormal Society

Pennsylvania Spirit Seekers

Pennsylvania Valley Paranormal Association

Pensacola Paranormal Research Group

Peoria Paranormal Society

Perry Hall Paranormal Research Society

Personal Senses Paranormal Team Urban Legends Investigations

Peter Gargiulo

PGR Paranormal

Phasma Paranormal

Phoenix Paranormal Investigations

Phyllis (Boo) Davidson

Piedmont-Triad Paranormal Investigations (PTPI)


Pikes Peak Paranormal

Pittsburgh Paranormal Society Gettysburg Chapter

Plan 9 Paranormal

Planet Paranormal Investigations (P.L.P.I.)

Platte Valley Paranormal Services (PVPS)

Portland Research Into Paranormal


POST – Paranormal Organization of South Texas

Prescott Paranormal Researchers (Canada)

Price Paranormal

Private Paranormal Investigators:† PPI

PROBE (Paranormal Research Organization for Bothersome Entities)

Proctorville Paranormal Investigation Team

Paranormal Research Team- Austria (PRT – Austria)

Post Oak Paranormal Society

PSI Detective Agency

Psychokinetic Energy Investigations

PsyTalk Radio with Starr & Jessi of the Kentucky Ghost Hunters

Quabbin Valley Paranormal

Queen of the Ghost Geeks

Queensbury Paranormal Investigation Team

QUEST Paranormal

R & A Paranormal

R.I. Paranormal

R & R Paranormal

R.I.P Rotterdam ( Holland Europe )

R.T.L Paranormal

Rainbow Paranormal Investigations†

Raul A Mendarez

Reading Paranormal Society

Redrock Canyon Paranormal Society

Renegades Investigating the Paranormal (R.I.P.)

Reno Investigators of the Paranormal (R.I.P.)

Research in Paranormal Science (R.I.P.S)

Research Institute of the Paranormal

Research Investigation of the Supernatural Paranormal (R.I.O.T.S.)

Research Investigators of the Paranormal, Inc.

Research Society Virginia Paranormal

Researchers of Paranormal Experiences (R.O.P.E.)

Restless Spirit Investigations

Resurrection Paranormal

RGV Ghost Unit

Rhode Island Ghost Society

Rhode Island Paranormal Society R.I.P.S.

Ria Evans

Rie of Eastern Paranormal Research

Riverbend Paranormal

River Valley Paranormal Investigations

Roc City Paranormal Research Society

ROC City Project: Paranormal

Rockford Interdisciplinary Para – Investigations (R.I.P.)

Rockingham Paranormal Association

Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers

Rocky Mountain Research, Investigation of the Paranormal and Photography (RMRIPP)

Rodney, Ashley, Shawn paranormal society (R.A.S.P.S)

Roland Paranormal Investigations (R.P.I.)

Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center

Ron Jamiolkowski

Rotterdam Investigators of the Paranormal ( R.I.P)

Rural Indiana Paranormal (R.I.P.)

Russell’s Paranormal Research

Ryedale Ghost Hunters

S.A.I.N.T. – Sudden Apparition Investigative Night Team

Saint Matthews Paranormal

S.O.S. Tidewater Paranormal Research

S&S Ghost Hunting

S.O.U.L.S. Paranormal

Southeastern Paranormal Investigating Society

SacCal Paranormal

SAGE Paranormal (UK)

Salem Oregon Paranormal Society

San Angelo Paranormal Stusies

San Antonio Ghost Hunters

San Diego Ghost Hunters

Santa Barbara County Paranormal Investigations (S.B.C.P.I)

San Francisco Ghost Society

Sarah Buford ìParanormal Sarahî

Sarasota Paranormal Investigation & Research Initiative Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Sarnia Paranormal Investigations and Research Illuminating the Transcendental (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Schuylkill Paranormal Investigation Unit

Sci Tech Paranormal Investigations

Scientific Paradigm

Scientific Paranormal Investigation & Research in Texas – S.P.I.R.IT.

Scientific Paranormal Research

Scientific and Spiritual Paranormal of Chicago – SSPOC

SCOPE NJ Scientific Confirmation of Paranormal Events

Scottie Stamper

Scottish Society of Paranormal Investigation and Analysis

Scranton Paranormal Society


Second City Paranormal Alliance† ( SCPA )

Seeing Is Believing Society (S.I.B.S) of Northern Kentucky

Seekers of Spirits (S.O.S.)

Seekers of Unexplained Louisiana (S.O.U.L.)

Seeking Shadows Paranormal

Set Me Free Paranormal

Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations

Shadow Hunting Investigations††

Shadow Warriors Ghost Hunting (S.W.G.H)

Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations (SPPI)

Shadow World Paranormal Studies

Shadows of the Afterlife Research Team (S.T.A.R.T.)

Shadows of the Paranormal

Shannon Hills Investigative Paranormal Services (Ghost S.H.I.P.S)


Sharon Leong

Sharp County Arkansas Researchers of Entitys and Demons (S.C.A.R.E.D.)

Shenandoah Valley Paranormal

Shockers Paranormal Research Team

Shreveport Paranormal Investigations (S.P.I.)

S.I.G.H.T. Paranormal

Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research (S.O.S.)

Sixth Sense Indy Paranormal

Sixth Sense Spirit Seekers

Sixth Sense Spirit Seekers (SSSS)

Small Town Haunts

Snohomish County Paranormal Research (S.C.P.R.)

Snow Family Paranormal


Sociedad de Estudios e Investigaciones Paranormales Argentina (SEIP Argentina)

Society for Paranormal Investigations of New England

Society of Paranormal Studies (SPS)

Somerville Paranormal Apparition Team

S.O.N.A. Paranormal

Sonoma Paranormal Independent Research & Investigative Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Soul Searchers

Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society (S.A.G.A.P.S.)

Soul Searchers UK

Soulseekers Paranormal

South Bend Paranormal Task Force

South Central Iowa Paranormal Investigative Team (SCIPIT)

South East Paranormal Investigators Association (S.E.P.I.A.)

South Eastern Ghost Research Association (S.E.G.R.A.)

South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team (S.E.W.P.I.T)

South Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (S.E.P.P.S.)

South Eastern Regional Paranormal Society (S.E.R.P.S.)

South Florida Paranormal Society

South Georgia Paranormal Association (S.G.P.A)

South Georgia Paranormal Investigators (S.G.P.I.)

South Georgia Paranormal Research Society

South Glen Falls Paranormal Society (S.G.F.P.S.)

South Jersey Ghost Trackers

South Kentucky Paranormal

South Texas Investigation of Paranormal Events (S.T.I.P.E.)

Southeast Iowa Paranormal Investigation Team

Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations (SVPI)

Southeastern CT Paranormal Society

Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

Southeastern Paranormal Interest Research and Investigation Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Southern Appalachian Paranormal Society

Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society (S.A.G.A.P.S.)

Southern Atlantic Paranormal

Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers (S.C.P.R.)

Southern CT Paranormal Society (S.C.P.S)

Southern Ghost Chasers

Southern Ghost Hunters (SGH)

Southern Girls Paranormal of Texas

Southern Illinois Ghost Hunting Society (SIGHS)

Southern Illinois Paranormal Group

Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters Society

Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal (S.J.S.)

Southern Ohio Paranormal Investigations Inc.

Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS)

Southern Paranormal Identification Research & Investigation Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Southern Paranormal Investigations

Southern Paranormal Investigational Research in Tucson (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Southern Paranormal Investigators

Southern Paranormal of Tn (S.P.O.T.)

Southern Scientific Paranormal

Southern States Paranormal

Southwest Florida Paranormal Investigations

Southwest Paranormal Investigators (SPI)

South Florida Paranormal Society

Spartanburg Paranormal Research Investigation Group (S.P.R.I.G.)

SPAT: Southern Paranormal Association of Texas



Spectors Investigations

Spectral Soul Seekers

Spectre Quest (& Skeleton Crew)

Spiritlight Paranormal Investigations

Spirit Hunters of Central Kentucky (S.H.O.C.K.)

Spirit Hunters of Knoxville (S.H.O.K.)

Spirit Ops

Spirit Realm Investigative Project

Spirit Search Investigations

Spirit Seekers

Spirit Seekers Army (S.S.A.)

Spirit Seekers Research/private & public paranormal investigations

Spirit Seekers of New England

Spirit Trackers Paranormal Investigation Team

Spirit Tracking and Research Society

Spirit Watch Paranormal Research

SPIRITS (Southern Paranormal Investigations & Research InTo Spirits)

Spirits of Arizona

Spirits of St. Petersburg

Spirits of Travels Past

Spiritual H.O.P.E.

Spiritual Paranormal Investigations Network (S.P.I.N.)

Spokane Paranormal Investigative Research Intelligence (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Spokane Valley Paranormal SVP


St. Joseph Paranormal Society

Starborn Support

State of New York Paranormal Researchers (S.N.Y.P.R.)

State Paranormal Investigations

Staten Island Paranormal Society

Stokes Paranormal


Supernatural and Paranormal Identification, Research and Investigative Team (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

Supernatural Contact And Research Evidence (S.C.A.R.E.)

Supernatural Investigation Society (S.I.S.)

Supernatural Investigative Ghost Hunting Team Evaluation & Research Society (S.I.G.H.T.E.R.S.)

Supernatural Occurrence Studies, Inc.

Supernatural Paranormal and Entity Research Organization (S.P.A.E.R.O.)

Supernatural Research Society of Iowa

Super-natural Tracking And Research Squad (S.T.A.R.S)

SURGE Paranormal Group

Suzy and the Garrs Lane Project

Sweetwater Paranormal Research

Sword and Shield investigations (SSI)

Sycamore Valley Paranormal Research

T.L. Moore – Author/Writer

Tacoma Pierce County Paranormal

Tallahassee Ghost Hunters

Tamara Thorne

Tampa Bay Paranormal Group (T.B.P.G.)

Team of Apparational Research of Ghostly Encounters of Tennessee (T.A.R.G.E.T.)

Team Spirit

Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Tennessee Paranormal Investigations

Tennessee Paranormal Society – Nashville

Tennessee Research Association of the Paranormal (T.R.A.P.)

Tennessee Spirits Paranormal Investigations

Texas Paranormal Investigations (T.P.I.)

Texas Paranormal Research Society

Texas Paranormal Research Team

Texas Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal (T.R.I.P.)

Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators

Texoma Researchers Investigating Paranormal Phenomena (T.R.I.P.P.)

Triangle Paranormal Investigations

The Afterlife Paranormal Experience (APE)

The Arizona Skeleton Krew

The Center For ParaPsychical Research

The Dalton Ghost Hunters Society

The Dark Can See Paranormal Society

The Dark Side Family (Dark Side of Louisville Paranormal Society; Valley Ghost Chasers, Paranormal 502 Society)

The Dead Time Club

The Decrepit

The East Coast Anomaly Investigators

The Edge Of Darkness Paranormal

The Firefly Investigators

The Florida Paranormal Research Society

The Floyd County Paranormal Society

The Friendly Paranormal Ghost Hunter Society

The Georgia Paranormal Seekers

The Ghosthunter (Netherlands)

The Ghost And Paranormal Society (G.A.P.S.)

The Ghost Mysteries

The Ghost Society

The Ghostly Portal Investigations (TGPI)

The Ghosts of Perkasie (G.O.P.)

The Ghostville Times

The Harrington Paranormal Crew (The HPC)

The Hartford Paranormal Society (T.H.P.S.)

The Illinois Paranormal Society

The Kentucky Spirit Searchers

The Lakeland Skeptics Society

The Long Island Ghost Hunting Team (L.I.G.H.T.)

The Long Island Paranormal Research Society (L.I.P.R.S.)

The MidWest Paranormal Research Team (TMWPRT)

The National Paranormal Society

The Northern Woods Paranormal Research and Investigations

The Northwestern Indiana Paranormal Society

The Ohio Paranormal Seekers

The Oregon Paranormal Society (TOPS)

The Otherside Paranormal Society (Otherside Society)

The Ozarks Paranormal Society (T.O.P.S)

The Panhandle Paranormal Research Society

The Paranormal Activity Research Association of America

The Paranormal Detectives

The Paranormal Investigators

The Paranormal P.I’S

The Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Martin (PRISM)

The Paranormal Seekers

The Paranormal Stalkers

The Paranormal Studies and Investigations Group (P.S.I. Group)

The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society in El Paso, Texas

The Port Orange Paranormal Society (P.O.P.S)

The Research and Metaphysical Paranormal Society (T.R.A.M.P.S.)

The Research and Paranormal Team (T.R.A.P.T)

The Searchers

The Seekers

The Society of Paranormal Investigators Network (S.P.I.N.)

The Spirit Diggers

The Unknown Factor (T.U.F.)

The Utah Idaho GhosttFinders

The Wayland Paranormal Group

Timeless Paranormal

TnT Paranormal Investigators

Toledo Ohio Ghosthunters Society

Tom Holland

Transcend Paranormal

Treasure Coast Paranormal Society Inc.

Tri Cities Paranormal

Tri County Paranormal Research

Tri County Paranormal Research Society

Tri State Paranormal of KY

Tri-State Paranormal Research

Tri-Cities Paranormal (T.C.P.)

Tri-City, MI Ghost Hunters Society (TCGHS)

Tripi Paranormal

Tri-State GhostHunters

Tri-State Paranormal

Tri-State Paranormal of Northern Kentucky

Truth Paranormal Society

TTF Paranormal Research (TTF-PARA)

Tulare County Paranormal Society

Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group (T.P.R.G.)

Twilight North Paranormal (UK)

Twilight Paranormal (UK)

Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation (TCPRI)

Twisted Paranormal Society

Ty & Brian of G.H.O.S.T

UK Ghost Hunters

Undercover Paranormal Investigations (U.P.I)

United Paranormal of KY

Unknown Paranormal Group

Unknown Paranormal Investigators Team UK (U.P.I. UK)

UPSHUR Paranormal

USA Paranormal (United States of America Paranormal)

Utah Researchers Of Paranormal Activity (UROPA)

Valley Investigators of the Paranormal (VIP)

Valley Paranormal Research Society (V.P.R.S.)

Vapir Paranormal


Veritas Paranormal Society

Vermont Paranormal Society (V.P.S.)

Vickie “Ghost Writer” (A.P.I.)

Victoria Parry of the Zak Pak

Victorian Phantom Hunters

Vikki Flemming of LA Spirits

Virginia Appalachian Mountain Paranormal Society (V.A.M.P.S.)

Virginia Paranormal Organization of Research or V.A.P.O.R.

Visual Paranormal Investigations

Voices Through the Static Paranormal

Volunteer State Paranormal Investigations

Vonore Area Paranormal Research (V.A.P.R.)

Wabash Paranormal Investigation and Research Group

Walking Dead Paranormal

WANA GI Paranormal Investigations

Warren Paranormal Society

Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research (WSPIR)

Washington State Paranormal Society (W.A.P.S.)

WASPS Paranormal

Watchful Eye Paranormal Study of Pittsburgh

Wayne Area Ghost Society

We Are Ghost-Seekers (W.A.G.S.)

West Abbott Southern Paranormal Society (WASPS) Paranormal

West Coast Paranormal Research

West Coast Paranormal Study

West Georgia Paranormal Research Society (W.G.P.R.S.)

West Ghost Paranormal Investigators

West Houston Paranormal Society

West Sydney Paranormal Research (W.S.P.R)

West Texas Paranormal Investigations Society

West Virginia Paranormal Investigations (W.V.P.I.)

Western Carolinas Paranormal Investigation Team ( W.C.P.I.T )

Western Kentucky Paranormal

Western Ohio Paranormal Society

Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters LLC

Westerville Paranormal Research Team

Western Region Paranormal Research

When Ghosts Talk

Whispering Spirits Paranormal Team

Whispers Paranormal

Whisper Through Spirits Paranormal Society – WTSPS – West Texas Spirits

White Haven Paranormal

Will County Ghost Hunters Society

Windsor Paranormal Society

Winslow Illinois Ghost Society

Wisconsin Area Society of Paranormal (W.A.S.P.)

Wisconsin’s Haunted: Investigators of the Paranormal (W.H.I.P.)

Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal

Wisconsin Witch Watchers

Witching Hour Investigations (W.H.I.)

Wkend SoCal Paranormal Group

Xtreme Hauntings Paranormal

Xtreme Paranormal Research (XPR)

Xtreme Paranormal Society (X.P.S)

12 to 4 Paranormal

24 Hour Paranormal

321 Paranormal Investigations

561 Paranormal

7 Cities Paranormal

757 Paranormal

767 Paranormal Investigators


FYI: Members listed here are the only ones authorized to use our official members logo on their websites. Teams not listed here and using the logo, are falsely representing their connection to GAC.