Official Members Application

Do you have your own paranormal group? Want to apply to become an official Ghost Adventures Crew member?

We currently have over 850 plus official members, with more added regularly.

In order to be considered for acceptance into our Official Member GAC Family, you must meet the the base minimum requirements listed below. Before submitting your application, please review the minimum requirements carefully.

Important notes: The paranormal organization must have at least 3 investigations under your belt. If you are an individual, you must explain, in full detail, your extensive background within the Paranormal Field.

  1. At least one (1) investigator of your group must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.
  2. You MUST have a web presence (a web site); Facebook pages are fine as long as they reflect your paranormal group.
  3. If you don’t qualify for official membership at this time, you could still qualify as a social member. You can keep us updated about your group and your status may change from social to official member.
  4. Only GAC and the GAC Management Team (member services) can approve memberships. Please do not solicit current Official GAC members for membership.

If you meet the minimum requirements, please proceed with the application process.

Application Process:

Thank you for your consideration in joining the Official GAC Members Family. Please take a moment to read about our selection process. Upon submittal of your application, it will be reviewed by GAC and the GAC Management Team (member services).

Next your application will be sorted into one of a number of categories. Depending on how complete your application is, it will advance to the official member selection process or it could be rejected immediately.

If you’re selected for official member review, your application will be sent to and reviewed again by Zak Bagans (Co-founder/Lead Investigator).

Please fill out the electronic form below to apply for membership. Submit the application only ONCE. Multiple submissions could slow down the consideration process.

Important: If you do not hear back from us within a week, in all likelihood we haven’t reviewed your application yet. ¬†Current filming schedule for “Ghost Adventures” is a busy one, this can cause a delay in the application process. Thank you for your understanding.

Your Name

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State(s) your Organization Covers:

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Street Address:



If outside U.S.A., Country where organization is located:

Number of members in your organization:

Your Age: (One lead investigator must be at least 18 years old)

Length of Service for your Organization:

Website/Facebook page URL: (Do not leave blank):

List 3 investigations your group has participated in:

List any Memberships to other Organizations: (For purposes of internal networking)

In your own words, tell us why you think your group would make a good GAC Official Member?

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